Green Economy


In its 2021-2024 three-year action plan, SWITCH identified 3 action priorities :

Reinforce the structuring leadership of the Quebec government in the transition

The green transition requires a paradigm shift. SWITCH believes that government must apply the eco-fiscal filter to its entire tax collection regime.

The Alliance will propose a decision-making tool for business support programs and public procurement that is consistent with eco-conditionality and eco-responsibility.

The Quebec government should finally adopt a formal climate accountability framework with the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. This framework should contain periodic interim milestones so that government action is regularly upon to estimate greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

Accompanying companies towards the green economy

Companies must reduce their carbon footprint. SWITCH will encourage companies to adhere to eco-design of products, promoting their recycling and reducing the drain on virgin resources in order to increase the circularity indicator of the Quebec economy.

Large-scale innovation, accompanied by sustainable finance, will make it possible to commercialize clean technologies and export our know-how, thus helping other jurisdictions to face climate challenges.

Substainable mobility
and transportation

The objective is to build a broad consensus around the Switch vision of passenger and freight transportation, in order to make it the basis of the Québec sustainable mobility policy. This must be done by involving all the stakeholders, including the business community and the other players of civil society, to ensure their active participation in modernization or development of the vision for transportation and sustainable mobility, as well as the elaboration of relevant measures.