Green Economy


In its 2017-2020 three-year action plan, SWITCH identified 3 action priorities :

Clean technologies,
innovation and

We want to stimulate the adherence of all stakeholders to the necessity of ensuring adequate funding of clean technology companies, from the start-up phase to marketing. We must also simulate the creation of a regulatory and fiscal framework that can contribute more actively to the development of innovations and their technology transfer, marketing and adoption. This must be done in a perspective of developing a major clean technology industry and fighting climate change by reducing GHG emissions.

Climate change Action Plan and carbon market

To support Switch in its general vision of accelerating the transition to a green economy, we will mobilize the Québec players in favour of a strategy to fight climate change by the 2020 and 2030 horizon, which favours domestic reductions of GHG emissions and ensures sound governance and coherence among the different policies.

Substainable mobility
and transportation

The objective is to build a broad consensus around the Switch vision of passenger and freight transportation, in order to make it the basis of the Québec sustainable mobility policy. This must be done by involving all the stakeholders, including the business community and the other players of civil society, to ensure their active participation in modernization or development of the vision for transportation and sustainable mobility, as well as the elaboration of relevant measures.