Green Economy

Achievement and vision

From the beginning, SWITCH has carried out several events and produced many briefs, action plans and analyses.
In particular, we should mention:


Building on the achievements accomplished to date, SWITCH wants to focus its next actions on concretizing the changes already begun. Governments increasingly understand the extent to which the switch to a green economy is necessary and positive. Thanks to SWITCH’s work, they know better how this change must be applied, particularly in key sectors such as transportation, technological development and procurement. Unfortunately, government actions encounter strong inertia and are bogged down in all kinds of systemic constraints (regulation, resistance to change, social norms and beliefs, etc., so much so that the expected switch does not become. From now on, SWITCH therefore wants to focus its attention on identifying barriers (hindrances) to government actions, and the ways to get around them. The issue is no longer really to convince governments to act in favour of the development of a green economy, but to help them achieve this.


SWITCH is also positioned as a champion of the energy transition with the aim of inducing the private sector to take concrete actions favouring the reduction of the use of resources and GHG emissions. At the same time, SWITCH will always seek to benefit from opportunities that will arise to convey the results of its work (budget consultations, PEV implementation, update of the SDD, post-2020 CCAP, etc.). If applicable, it will also be able to document emerging issues that could contribute to the accomplishment of its mission.

SWITCH more broadly presents the Québec and global context and issues of a green economy in its publication :

Plateforme SWITCH – 10 recommandations pour une économie + verte